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Welcome to KW Law LLP Solicitors, Royal Leamington Spa

Coronavirus: Julian is a sole practitioner and the firm is open for business.  Telephone and Zoom appointments are preferred, but face to face meetings may be possible dependent upon circumstances, subject to proper precautions being taken and distancing being observed.  All meetings are by appointment only. Thank you for your understanding.
KW Law is a commercial solicitor's practice based in Leamington Spa, which offers partner-undertaken work at a sensible cost.  Julian Watson leads the practice. He lives in Warwick and has been a solicitor since 1997, and worked at large regional practices before setting up his own firm in 2008. Julian is a specialist in commercial, dispute resolution and insolvency matters; a full list of available services are below.  If you are under pressure regarding company solvency or personal bankruptcy issues, or someone is threatening to sue you, or you think you might have a case to pursue, you can have a meeting with Julian for which the first hour's consultation is free. Julian's advice is clear and commercial, and his representation is robust but professional.  Regulated by the Law Society and Solicitors' Regulatory Authority, you can trust Julian to provide excellent, professional advice with your best interests at heart.
The firm provides advice and representation in the following areas:
  • Defending Directors, Companies and Individuals - against directors disqualification proceedings, claims by liquidators, wrongful trading claims, misfeasance claims,  preference and undervalue, Companies Act actions, unlawful dividend claims,  loan account and personal guarantee claims (especially Funding Circle Guarantees and similar); 
  • Dispute Resolution - we provide litigation representation in the High Court or County Court and Tribunals, and undertake mediation / arbitration representation, for breach of contract and payment claims, injunctions, finance disputes, building and property disputes, professional negligence (non-medical / non-clinical only: solicitors, accountants, surveyors etc.) will & inheritance claims, employment disputes, and shareholder, directors and partnership disputes;
  • Business Restructuring, Business Rescue or Closure, & Personal Bankruptcy - asset transfers and sales to save businesses, pre-liquidation reorganisations, administrations, voluntary arrangements, liquidations, redundancy costs, retention of title, re-using insolvent company names, matrimonial homes, pensions and bankruptcy annulment;
  • Business Sales and Acquisitions & EMI schemes - specialising in owner managed and SME's;
  • Drafting and Advising on Commercial Contracts - negotiating or drafting terms and conditions, supply agreements, distribution agreements and others;
  • Advising on Directors' Legal Duties, particularly when cash is tight or creditors are applying pressure;
  • Statutory Demands, Winding up and Bankruptcy Petitions, Company Strike Offs;
  • Advising Businesses on Customer and Supplier insolvency, including retention of title;
  • Chasing large unpaid debts, Asset Tracing, Fraud and Freezing Injunctions;
  • HMRC Unpaid Tax, Debt Collectors, Bailiffs, CCJ's, Landlord's Distraint & Forfeiture, Personal Guarantees (Funding Circle and similar) & Loan security,  Final Demands & Unauthorised borrowing, Settlement Agreements to be secured against your home.
Our clients are:

company directors, companies, partnerships and sole traders (and their spouses), financiers and investors, insolvency creditors, insolvency suppliers, licensed insolvency practitioners and accountants, and individuals. 

If you want more information, please contact Julian Watson for a confidential, no obligation discussion. All agreements to act are subject to the agreement of a formal written retainer.
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KW Law LLP is regulated by the Solicitors' regulatory Authority, firm no. 523836. KW Law LLP is a limited liability partnership registered in England & Wales no. OC349915; the members of the partnership are Julian D. St. J. Watson & JW law Ltd. The solicitors' code of conduct can be found at https://www.sra.org.uk/handbook/